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If you’re a midlife woman with ADHD, chances are you weren’t diagnosed as a child. Most of us got our diagnosis (if we got one) later in life - sometimes after our children were diagnosed, sometimes after we read an article that struck a chord and sometimes because we entered perimenopause and shit hit the fan.

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With a background as a personal trainer and menopause transition coach, and my own experience of navigating perimenopause and ADHD, I have gained a wealth of knowledge that I love to share. But I want this substack to be so much more than an informative newsletter. I see it as a space where we can come together to support and empower each other. I envision a community where we can share our worries and wisdom, and lift each other up when we need it most. Because between all of us, I truly believe we have the answers. Here's to cultivating a space of connection and growth!

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How to get through peri-menopause whilst also navigating ADHD. Hormones are going crazy, your ADHD symptoms are worse than ever, you struggle with sleep, mood, memory, brain fog, pain,… the list goes on. How to stay sane and make midlife your best life!


Menopause transition coach, personal trainer and body confidence coach. Mother of 3 (not all neurodivergent). Juggling hormonal changes, ADHD, family life & running a business. Enjoying most of it & still learning every day.